Shetfield Enchanted Blue Enya V.H. Luxemburgse Hof Quattro Bleu Boy HD A Lizmark Dark Legend HD A
Mishados My Blue Heaven Silver Legend Of Ruscombe At Bleatarn Ruscombe Silver Lining  
Cynamon Blue Rose  
Clembach Star Atraction Ruscombe Silver Lining  
Clembach Quintina  
Shelantez Dark Destiny Of Lizmark Morestyle Black Comet Felthorn Pipe Down  
Morestyle Fashion Model  
Corsfield Silver Casket Ruscombe Pipe Major  
Skerrywood Silver Belle At Crosfield  
V.H. Luxemburgse Hof Masy Maybridt Eastdale Reach Out And Touch IMP.ZWED. Lundecock's Touch My Soul Stationhill Crackshot  
Lundecock's Djinn  
Eastdale New Classic Blue Dream Eastdale Classic Clown  
Melinas Eclipse  
V.H. Luxemburgse Hof Jewel Joey Willowditch Genbree Gemi Bi Black Portma Zathe's Youbi Black  
Willowditch Divinia Blue Design  
Polly Pam Vom Rindsberg Easy Vom Rindsberg  
Shield Crest Polygraph  
Shetfield Angelic Black Ambritt NED.&INT.KAMP.
Dawnville When Lightning Strikes
Grandgables Dressed To Impress HD A Grandgables Black Street Boy CH. Apple Acres Expedition  
Grandgables Love In The Snow  
Tr's All That Jazz CH. Primhill Jazzbo  
Lilly Of Ralley Crown  
NED&INT.KAMP. Dawnville Naughty By Nature Faradale Frisbee For Grandgambles Ruscombe Play The Piper  
Faradale Fadette  
Blazecroft Danish Blue Pepperhill Jetsetter Blazecroft  
Blazecroft Blue Calico  
Willowditch Macey-May Black Magic NED.&INT.KAMP. Feljima's Dashing Christmas Star HD A Eastdale Smart Surprise Doonelodge Devil May Care  
Eastdale Classic Black Fabienn  
Feljima's Summernight Dream Skeldale Dashing Night Sky  
Feljima's Moonlight Maribelle  
Willowditch Ixora Immez In Blue Portma Zathe's Maeglin Marlando Willowditch Genbree Gemi Bi Black  
Portma Zathe's Elfin Queen  
Hedwig Vom Rindsberg Easy Vom Rindsberg  
Carmylie Blue Highlight  
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